Shuck and Jive

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lodging for Expand Your Mind Week

Reservations are coming for the Jesus Seminar on the Road from all over the Tri-Cities as well as Chattanooga and Asheville and points beyond. We have some fine places for you to stay in Elizabethton.
All are within minutes of the church. Check here for other motels in Johnson City (about 20 minutes). Here is a map to the church.

Media releases are out. Feel free to forward this information to all your friends! We are hoping for a good turnout!


  1. We have a long way to go before then.

    Let's see, after Shrink Your Mind to the Size of a Walnut, we have on the schedule:

    Control Your Mind Week--
    Blow Your Mind Week
    Fry Your Mind in a Pan Week

    Then, my friend, your monkey mind will be free to do as I tell it.