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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fred Didn't Go To Church Today!

Find out why. He is inviting comments on his recent post: The Church Alumni Association: A Personal Reflection.
I had intended to go to church today with my wife, Sarah, but, as we sat on the patio drinking coffee (as we do each morning), we looked at each other and said that we really didn't want to. We simply decided we didn't feel like it.

That's been happening more often lately. When I do attend worship, I enjoy the people--most of them anyway--but to be honest, the service is frequently dull and I "space out" much of the time. I often feel that I've wasted my morning.

I wonder if an honest expression of what I now believe would pass presbytery's muster. There is no doubt that I find much that is inspiring in the life and sayings of the historical Jesus, but the "Christ of faith" leaves me cold....

I would really be interested in hearing from folks who feel the same way I do about the institutional church. How are you dealing with this? I am NOT interested in being "preached at" by the fundamentalist-evangelical crowd--should any of them still be reading this blog--in an attempt to "save" my soul from the depths of a hell I no longer believe in.
Any other members of the church alumni association willing to give Fred a membership card? Pay him a visit!


  1. John, thanks loads for the shoutout! Here's hoping some of your customers will stop by my place. I already get hits from the link on your site. Thanks for that as well.

  2. It's been a long time since I was a member of a Presbyterian assembly. Maybe learning that there was never a j-esus would heat things up a bit. There was however a Torah observant Jew named Yehoshua that was the Jewish Messiah, (no, Obama is not the Messiah), who came to call Israel back to Torah obedience. This begs the question of where non-Jews fit into the scene at all. Well unless you decide to learn and keep the Torah under the direction of an Orthodox Jewish Beit Din you're not in the scene. But if you really want to connect to the Creator of the Universe both now and hereafter I suggest you visit