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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Noah and the Dinos in Glendive

In June, I posted about the Glendive (MT) Dinosaur Museum. I took some pics of the building when I visited family there. Unfortunately, it wasn't open at the time.

But now it is! God has given them the green light, the green cash, and a website!

Notice this piece of news from the July Newsletter:

Our 5½-foot Noah’s ark model has arrived. Many thanks to Kevin Yoder and his sons, Thomas and Jonathan, for their beautiful work. We have started adding the Ark’s environment, which is built in HO model railroading scale, so we have plenty of animals, trees and accessories from which to choose. However, since we believe dinosaurs were also aboard, we have to make our own, and Melanie has already made several different dinosaur “kinds” in the same HO scale. When finished later this summer, it will be a stunning exhibit!

When in Glendive if you would like to be
"funneled into an abyss of scientific deception...[where] the wonders of God’s creation are prostituted for evolutionism,"
then you will want to check out the
Makoshika Dinosaur Museum. Unfortunately, unlike the Christian-funded Glendive Dinosaur Museum, the Makoshika Museum is closed most of the time.


  1. But is it evolution?

  2. Bob! Good to hear from you again, my friend! Loved the video. I want one. Hook up a mower to that guy, I'll never touch the lawn again.

    Is it evolution? Well, in a sense, since it is the product of human ingenuity, which is the result of evolution, I guess so.

    Thanks for commenting. Hope you are doing well!

  3. Yeah, but it runs on gas. Not green at all. Where are the solar panels?

    As for me, I was out getting some exercise on my bike, (2nd day!) fell off, got a concussion, 6 broken ribs and a lung contusion. This was 2 days before my vacation was to begin. I spent my vacation in bed but I'm going back to work tomorrow.

    And just think: I was getting exercise without polluting the air! Still, when I can ride the bike again I think I'll wear a helmet and stay off the steep hills. see my blog for more info

  4. Oy gevalt, Bob! Hope you feel better soon!