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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Labyrinth and the Lama

This news just out from our Renewal and Outreach Committee:

On Saturday, July 28, we shall host our annual church retreat which will be held at the church where we shall be working on stones to build a labyrinth. What is a labyrinth, you may ask? Labyrinths are ancient paths that lead to wisdom and inner peace. They have spiritual connotations that lead us to inward reflection through meditation as we walk the labyrinth. Their one track path offers us a way through the wilderness of our stress-filled lives.

The design at the right is called "The Classical Seven Circuit Labyrinth" and will be the one we will use.

The retreat will have the following schedule:

9:30 AM: Gather at the church for coffee and snacks.
10 AM-12 PM: Lama Gursam, a Tibetan Buddist, will talk to us about "Precious Life".
12 -1:30 PM: Lunch Break--Be sure to bring a bag lunch to have on the grounds.
1:30 PM: Mandala presentation for ideas to use on our stones
2 - whenever PM: The making of the stones for the labyrinth

Here is Lama Gursam receiving special honors from His Holiness The Dalai Lama--Tibet Institute.

The stones for our church labyrinth will be constructed in the Tom Dixon room and each stone will be a reflection of that church member's life, a dedication to a loved one, a commemoration of a birth or wedding, or whatever that person wants to put on his or her stone. Stones can be added in the future since there will be blank ones that can be used as new members join us. We have lots of artistic talent in our church and I'm sure these members will be glad to help and offer suggestions as to the best way to express what you want on your stone.

Come and enjoy the fellowship as we work together to create a wonderfully unique labyrinth for our church.

WHAT TO BRING: A bag lunch and lots of creative ideas.

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