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Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Key to World Peace

You know you are big time when you make the front page of the Johnson City Press.

Today's JC Press features the "the leave Britney alone guy." He is a local. From the article:

Chris Crocker has been called “queer,” “a human train wreck,” the “Britney guy,” an androgynous “it” and much, much worse. But how does this 19-yearold Internet phenomenon, known worldwide for his tearful YouTube defense of Britney Spears, define himself?

“I’m the key to world peace,” says Crocker, sporting a sleeveless black Tshirt with a hot pink silhouette of Marilyn Monroe. His blond bob is swept behind an ear and the eye liner is, as always, flawless. Read More

He is from East Tennessee, but he won't give the name of the town "
because his critics can be vicious, and he doesn’t want anyone to know where he lives."

Here is his Leave Britney Alone Youtube and his myspace.

Speaking of world peace. Hope you all (and maybe Chris, if he is in the neighborhood) will march with us today at 1 p.m. and join us for speeches and tunes at 2 p.m. Here are the details for Johnson City's biggest peace rally yet!


  1. I saw this kid's Brittany rant a few weeks ago and was kind of upset by it - that someone his age would invest so much emotion into something that doesn't really exist. After all, Brittany Spears and people like her are really an amalgam of other people who work together to create an image. The creature that is BS does not exist as a single entity. That is the thing about celebrity.
    I've seen a few other of his pieces, and I think he is trying to make himself into one of those creatures all alone, and it isn't working.
    I feel bad for the kid, being gay in such a conservative setting. But since he is out of the closet, I think the next step would be for him to come out of his room for a little while.
    I seriously doubt anyone thinks he is creative, or funny, or a role model. At best, some people, like Jimmy Kimmel, will do what is done generally to celebrities or "personalities" - exploit him for what they can and then reject him for what he can no longer offer them. Sad.

  2. When I first saw his Britney thing, I thought it was a joke. I still think it is.

    Good thoughts about celebrity.