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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Peace Rally and March on Saturday

On the front page of today's Johnson City Press, we find Groups to Unite for March, Rally, Calling for War's End.

This time the coalition forces are uniting to end the war in Iraq with a march and rally set for Saturday beginning at 1 p.m.Concerned Citizens, along with East Tennessee State University student groups and other area organizations will form the march in downtown Johnson City at the Cherry Street parking lot, located next to the farmer’s market, and will proceed down West State of Franklin Road to the ETSU campus for a rally at Borchuk Plaza in front of the Sherrod Library. (Read More)

I am one of the speakers, as the article states, along with Joseph Fitsanakis and Iraq War vet, Jason Hurd. I didn't want the name of my congregation listed in the article, but the reporter added it anyway.

The reason is that I speak not on behalf of my congregation (folks have different views) but only myself as a minister. Hi ho. So it goes.

Join us!


  1. Nice cake - make the stand man - we need peace!

  2. Hey, society -

    That's not a cake, it's a bunch of yard signs we will have available at the rally. But what a great idea! Too bad it's too late to order one now. That would have been really cool. Next time.

  3. LOL.

    It does look like a cake! It is peace cake. The recipe is to get vocal about ending this war!

    Keep checking Shuck and Jive or concernedtncitizens for updates on today's rally!