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Friday, September 14, 2007

Network News: Full of Good Stuff

Doug at Witherspoon has just informed us that the latest issue of Network News is on-line. It is full of great articles. I have just had a chance to skim it but found the name of friend and colleague, John Preston, of Utica Presbytery. Bob and I know John. John Preston shared that sacrificial ski chaplaincy with me at Snow Ridge!

John has written a book, Wrestling Until the Dawn. He led a workshop with Dr. Larry Rasmussen regarding worship. Does our worship honor Earth?

Check out the contents for Network News. Great food for thought:

A Week for Peace
An overview of a good week 2-4

Reports on the seminars:
Advocating for Peace and Justice 5

Earth-Honoring Faith 6

The Israel/Palestine Conflict 7

Speaking Truth to the Powerful and the Not So Powerful 8-9

Peacemaking 401 10-13

Building a Culture of Peace 14

Discover the Vision: The PC(USA) and the UN 15

Covenanting for Justice in the Economy and the Earth 16-19

A statement adopted by the World Alliance of Reformed Churches in Accra, Ghana, 2004

The “Social Creed” after 100 years: Time for a New Social Awakening
by Gene TeSelle 20-25

Immigration, Identity, and God’s Providence, by David True 26-27

Theological Musings by Douglas Ottati: Commissioned to Minister 28-29

Report from the Sabeel Young Adult Conference in Jerusalem 30-31

The Polity Struggles Continue, by Gene TeSelle 32

Christ and Empire — looking beyond Christ and Culture,
a book review by Gene TeSelle 33-34

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