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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Peace March in Johnson City Press

The Johnson City Press covered the peace march. Rex Barber did a fine job reporting the event:

The Saturday peace rally to end the war in Iraq began in the Cherry Street parking lot and went to Borchuck Plaza at East Tennessee State University. (Dave Boyd / Johnson City Press)
Hundreds of protesters marched to East Tennessee State University Saturday calling for an end to the war in Iraq.

The group gathered in the Cherry Street parking lot and proceeded along West State of Franklin Road carrying signs displaying anti-war slogans. One group in the long line of marchers was lugging a large papier-mâché puppet of President Bush that was wearing a cowboy hat and holding a pistol in one hand and a bag of money in the other.

Passersby honked their horns at the protesters, prompting cheers and the beating of makeshift drums in response.

The march ended at Borchuck Plaza in front of the Sherrod Library on the ETSU campus, where speeches and music could be heard.

Joseph Fitsamakis was one of the featured speakers and told the crowd of what he called the irony of 70 percent of the American public wanting an end to the war and no one in either party being able to do that. (Read More)

You can watch a YouTube of the gathering at the ETSU campus as the first of the marchers arrived on the Acoustic Coffeehouse website.

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