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Monday, May 04, 2009

Conversations on Pluralism

Adam Walker Cleaveland at Pomosmusings has been hosting a guest blogger series on religious pluralism. Here is a schedule and an introduction to the series. I for one am thrilled that these 20 and 30 something ministers, authors, bloggers, and thinkers are talking about this stuff.

Many of them were probably in high school, college, or seminary when the fundamentalist fury was launched against Rev. Dirk Ficca for a speech he gave a PCUSA Peacemaking conference on pluralism. It is still a darn good speech, Uncommon Ground: Living Faithfully in a Diverse World.

As I look back on that, I shake my head regarding how much the denomination allowed the busybodies to control the conversation.

Times have changed since August of 2000.

More and more thoughtful people are talking about religious diversity and the importance of inter-faith dialogue for the peace of our planet and for the enrichment of our own spiritual journeys.

Kudos to Adam for hosting this series. As I mentioned yesterday in my sermon, coming to terms with religious diversity is one of the most important tasks we face as a species.

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