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Friday, May 08, 2009

Northern Waters Yes!

Northern Waters Presbytery has the distinction of being the 74th presbytery to affirm equality in the PCUSA's long trek toward justice. 74 is the number of presbyteries who initially voted no in 1997 when that infamous scoundrel, G-6.0106busybody, was inserted in the constitution with its scolding tone, simplistic theology, and bad manners.

Northern Waters voted 52-11 yesterday in favor of amendment B which would move the church toward equality and human decency. Good work, folks! Mid-Tennessee (Nashville and environs) had voted earlier in the day to remain indecent.

Keeping tabs after the vote has been decided reminds me of the 1980s. Lovely Spouse, little ones, and I would watch the Seattle Mariners play in the now demolished Kingdome in late August and September. The Mariners had been mathematically eliminated since June. In a 60,000 seat stadium, about 5,000 of the faithful would be there. My family would have the whole section to ourselves (which was great as the kids needed to run a lot).

It is still baseball. You still play the game. You finish the season with an ever hopeful glimmer in the eye. Next year.


  1. John, what's your take on this horrendous story from Scotland?

  2. Stushie,

    I don't know John's take on it, and I'm sure he can speak quite eloquently on the subject all by himself, but as for me; It's what the Bible speaks about (condemns) in Leviticus 18 and 20, as well as 1 Corinthians 6, and 1 Timothy 1. It's also condemned in the Didache. Martin Luther thought so too.

    It is horrendous, isn't it? Good thing these aren't the kind of people we're trying to ordain!

  3. Stushie,

    This is a truly horrendous story. Sadly, stories like these are in the news far too often. Predators can be found where ever people have access to children: churches, youth groups, schools, daycare centers, and yes, in the group mentioned in this story.

    We need to do everything we can to keep children safe. This is a good opportunity to talk about safe sanctuaries.

    "Every 15 seconds a child is abused or neglected. Often abuse occurs in settings where children, youth or vulnerable adults should have been able to feel safe—homes, schools, camps, and most sadly the church. In more than three quarters of the reported incidents of child abuse, the victim was related to or acquainted with the abuser."

    It is important for all churches to have policies like those outlined here.

    Since you are a minister, I am going to expect high ethical standards from you as well as knowledge.

    I am going to assume it was a coincidence that you pointed out that story on this post and that you didn't intend to make a link between same gender orientation and child abuse. I certainly would expect that you wouldn't spread that harmful and dangerous myth. We both know the commandment about bearing false witness.

    Just in case other readers of this blog might make that unfortunate error (that I know you wouldn't) here is a helpful link from UC Davis,

    Facts about homosexuality and child molestation.

  4. Maybe Stushie is saying that all men from Edinburgh are child molesters.

  5. Well that is it of course. I have always had a bad feeling about Edinburgh and its inhabiting Burghers.

  6. What a horrendous scandal.

    And trying to make some sort of cheap "gotcha" comment out of the pain of others in order to try to make a specious link between homosexuality and child molestation? That's just cynical and sick, Stushie.

    I'm starting to agree that we do indeed have a real problem with who we've been ordaining. It's sad the sorts of folks who walk around with the title "Pastor".

  7. John - thanks for your response to Stushie's comment.

    I can't even begin to speak about the horrible story he links to.

    I can, however, say that I am quite disturbed that Stushie appears to suggest that these monsters did what they did because they are homosexual.
    No, Stushie. They did what they did because they are deranged - absolutely sick in the head. No other explanation is necessary, and no other connections need be made. Might as well suggest that Haggis causes such behavior.