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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pacific Flips! East Iowa yes on B!

The B goes on. East Iowa Presbytery passed B by a huge margin yesterday, 74-21. A bigger story is that the Presbytery of Pacific (L.A.) flipped for B, 100-90! Previously, this presbytery has not voted for equality. Kiskiminetas (Penn) voted no again. Haven't heard about Savannah, a likely no. The score is 77-91.

We have the potential for one more yes with Missouri River Valley next week. We will finish with either 77 or 78 yes votes, which is a great showing, heartbreaking in that it was that close! That amounts to just a few votes in each presbytery. I will give a wrap-up next week.

Thanks to all for the hard work organizing and telling the truth!!

In other news, the New York State Assembly passed a marriage equality bill. Now it goes to the senate. It will be a fight but there should be a majority. Also, the bill in New Hampshire will reach the governor's desk soon. Fundies are frothing. Hope the gov does the right thing.

Chris of the Tennessee Equality Project points out how some Christians have difficulty understanding the Ten Commandments, especially #9. Hate crimes legislation had been delayed and goes before the Tennessee senate judiciary committee at 3 p.m. today.


  1. "and telling the truth!! "

    And that's the key, and that's how we'll win. We've got the truth, the other side (as usual) only has lies and more lies:

  2. It would be interesting to ask how many church members are represented by each of all these presbyteries.

    Presbytery of the Pacific is huge, population wise.

    But there are some large ones in the South that hate gays about as much as they approve of torture.

  3. That's one of the interesting things about this process... One presbytery, one vote, regardless of the population of the Presbytery. I'd wager (and it's only a wager ... I don't know this for sure) there are many tiny (in population, huge area) conservative presbyteries in the west and south than there are large (in population, but small in area) liberal presbyteries in the east. Thus, I'm pretty sure in spite of much whining to the contrary, that these votes are skewed in favor of conservatives (I think that's also evidenced in the fact that GA, where representation is more equal is more likely to approve stuff like New B, than the presbyteries.

    Even so, we'll win anyway.

  4. The presbytery process is a problem. But you are right, despite this, it will happen. 77 is almost there considering three ties, and others by just a handful of votes.

  5. I sent you the latest spin on this from the Presbyterian Coalition, John. An excerpt:

    "Little actual change, except in turnout. "The votes to delete 'fidelity and chastity' have held steady. Contrary to common perception, the sexual revisionists are not persuading many new people; however, they have motivated their longtime friends to show up at presbytery meetings. They believe they are on 'the winning side' of history. The people who are staying home are the supporters of 'fidelity and chastity,' whose vote totals have dropped about 25 percent. It's easy to become weary and give up the fight if you have been convinced that you are destined to lose eventually."

  6. I posted on those guys here.

    They have no idea what those numbers mean. Where are the facts regarding who is staying home and so forth? Data, please?

    Their analysis is bullshit.
    Their theology is bullshit.
    They are destined to lose, however. In 2010.
    No bullshit.

  7. Yeah, but even when they lose they'll be right. Just ask them.