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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Speak Up Now on TN Hate Crimes Bill

False information is being spread about the hate crimes bill before the Tennessee legislature.

We need folks to speak out now. It goes before the state senate on Tuesday. This is from Chris Sanders of the Tennessee Equality Project:

Justice for All: Vote Yes SB0253

Opponents of extending hate crime protection to the LGBT community are spreading untrue messages: that if the Hate Crimes Bill passes in the Tennessee legislature, it will:

* Prevent pastors from preaching from the Bible, and
* Sexual deviants will have more rights than “you and me.”

What does the Hate Crimes Bill really do? The bill will allow latitude in sentencing for judges and prosecutors who are trying cases involving hate crimes. This bill is specific to crimes committed against individuals because of gender identity or expression.

Even if this bill does not impact you or one you love, do not stand by and do nothing. Let lawmakers know the truth. Be proactive! Send members of Senate and House Judiciary Committees a message of truth.
Here is how you can send your message today. It will take all of 15 seconds. Thanks!

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  1. Done! I wish I could say I'm astonished at the duplicity and hatred coming from the RRRW with these hate-crimes bills but sadly I'm not. I'm far too used to it now.