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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Kidnapped by Craigslist

Time once again to promote my wife's youngest sister's exploits. We had a chance to see her a few months ago in New York when she played a scary military type in Universal Robots. I posted on that here.

She (Michelle O'Connor) is at it again. This one is a comedy, Kidnapped by Craigslist:
Want to buy a couch? Find a date? Complain about your roommate? Your boss? Your sketchy neighbor that sleeps in his doghouse? Kidnapped by Craigslist is a relevant and unique new comedy that explores the carnivalesque, cult-like phenomenon that is Craigslist. Combining actual postings from the website with scripted material and live music, the play tells the true stories that are locked inside an online community that has shaped and inspired today's internet generation.

This is Michelle in one of the promo pics. Isn't she lovely?

Here is what the critics are saying:

"Found: Laughs!" -The Village Voice

"A freewheeling speciality piece with insidious verve" -The Los Angeles Times

"A zany, rollicking show!" -Backstage

"A cult hit!" -StageSceneLA

"...outrageous and colorfully entertaining" -The Austin Chronicle

"The funniest play you'll see this year."

"This show pioneers relevant and modern material in a hysterical and charming fashion" -Showbusiness Weekly

Michelle plays so many instruments in this show...sometimes two at a time!
Michelle plays so many instruments in this show...sometimes two at a time!

Here is a post by Michelle on the blog:

We are off! The new cast is incredibly talented and comedically diverse. It is a lot of work putting this freak show together - but so much fun!!!

The script itself is hitting me in a very different way during this run. I am blown away by how strange people are (not the cast - well, they are strange - but I am referring to "Craigslisters") - it amazes me that every story inside this play comes from a real entry on Craigslist.

I am enjoying sinking my teeth into the darker side of the site - even though it is mostly all comedy - and let's face it - Craigslist is the greatest tool for finding an apartment in NYC (however, not necessarily a sane roommate) - all is not funny. The idea that we have become a society of pretenders and "isolates" is sad. The loneliness and the disturbing desires. It is all there.

But not to worry commitment phobes - this play doesn't stay in any one place for long!

-Michelle O'Connor, The Barker
So if you are in New York, May 8-30, forget the Broadway rip-offs and laugh your ass off at The Pit. Check details on their website, their blog, and on Facebook.

My lovely's side of the family never ceases to entertain.

By the way, you know Michelle is going to make it big as she has her Tennessee country preacher brother-in-law promoting her on his blog!

I guess I should post this warning:

WARNING: This show contains bumping, grinding, singing, dancing, barfing, barking, humping, farting, supervillians, simulated sex, light sabre battles, liposuction, pirates, inappropriate tattoos, COUGARS, death scenes, a wedding, a stool sample, sumo wrestling...not to mention over 20 different references to asses and butts.


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