Shuck and Jive

Friday, May 29, 2009

Recharging Mind and Heart

My study leave plans are close to home this year. I am only an hour a way from Asheville, North Carolina. This summer Montreat will be hosting the Presbyterians for Restoring Creation Conference, "Embracing God's Call to Be Green." It will be July 7-11. Check it out.

The following week is Breathing Compassion: Creation Spirituality Communities' Annual Event. This will be at Jubilee! in Asheville, July 16-20. Matthew Fox will offer presentations including a Cosmic Mass on the 16th. Here is the blurb:

We hope you will join us for this year’s Creation Spirituality Communities’ Event “Breathing Compassion”. Our time together will feature presentations by Matthew Fox, Howard Hanger and other leaders in the Creation Spirituality movement that go wide and deep in response to the place we find ourselves as a country, as a people and as a species.

Additional sessions will explore: the life and leadership within a functioning Creation Spirituality community; musical concepts that enrich and deepen the worship experience; a more intimate relationship with awe and wonder ; and our call to the great work that is compassion.

Gift yourself and your community with this opportunity to recharge your batteries while at the same time feeding your heart, head and soul.
Maybe I will see some of you at one of these conferences?


  1. My daughter will be at Montreat about that time. She is part of a drama group from Canada that will be performing for a youth conference. My prayer is that everyone who takes adavantage of the programs at Montreat (and all retreat/camp opportunities) is blessed with God's presence, however She may decide to reveal it to them.