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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Minnesota Valleys Flips!

This just in from Covenant Network:
The Presbytery of Minnesota Valleys (Southwestern Minnesota) became the 31st to switch from opposition in 2001-2 to support this year, 44-37-1!

And the Presbytery of Southern New England (Connecticut, Rhode Island, and parts of Massachusetts) maintained and strengthened its commitment to ordination equality, as reported by Ralph Jones from Presbyterian Promise:

"I'm writing to report that today the Presbytery of Southern New England voted in favor of Proposed Amendment 08-B. The announced vote was 97 yes, 50 no, with no abstentions. This was our largest percentage vote against G-6.0106b or for change since we've been debating this, although 34 more people voted back in 2001."
The score is 73-89.

It is good to see these positive votes coming in demonstrating that while not this year the PCUSA is ready for change.

How long?
Not long.

Here are the presbyteries yet to vote:

  • May 7 - Middle Tennessee, Northern Waters
  • May 9 - Utah
  • May 12 - East Iowa, Kiskiminetas, Pacific, Savannah
  • May 19 - Missouri River Valley
  • ?? - Noroeste, Suroeste, Dakota


  1. Minnesota Valleys is a big win, I'd say. The southwest corner of MN is pretty conservative, particularly the 3 right in the corner, bordering SD and IA. But then again, you never know with those German Bachelor Farmers down there in Worthington! ;-D

  2. Worthington! I've been there. Here is some geeky trivia. My g-grandfather J.S. Shuck, was one of the founding elders of the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Worthington.


    So early as February 3, 1873, while the religious community was undecided as to the course to pursue in regard to churches, thirty residents petitioned the
    Presbytery for authority to organize a Presbyterian church at Worthington.

    The Mankato Presbytery took favorable action on the petition early in May, and on the 25th of that month-just a few days after the birth of the Congregational and Methodist churches-the Westminster Presbyterian church of Worthington was duly organized.

    The organization was perfected by a committee appointed by the
    Mankato church authorities. The committee consisted of Rev. Jacob B. Little, Rev. Edward Savage, Rev. D. C. Lyon and Rev. E. J. Hamilton.

    The following were admitted as members at the time of organization: Allen Chaney, Miss Julia Chaney, Andrew Buchan, Mrs. Delia A. Buchan, J. S. Shuck, Mrs. Anna Shuck, Cornelius Stout, Joseph Tarbert, Mrs. Nancy Tarbert, Dr. Josephus Craft, Mrs.
    Clara Craft, M. H. Stevens, Mrs. Lydia A. Stevens, Mrs. Charlotte E. Goodnow, Richard Newman, Mrs. Sarah Newman, Daniel Rohrer, Mrs. Henrietta A. Lyon, Mrs.
    Otti N. McLaurin. [7]

    Allen Chaney, Andrew Buchan and J. S. Shuck were elected ruling elders, [8] and Mr. Chaney was chosen clerk of the session. A board trustees was chosen as
    the following certificate shows: [9]

    This is to certify that the members of the congregation of the Westminster Presbyterian church of Worthington did meet on the 21st day of June, A. D. 1873, at the office of J. S. Shuck, in said town of Worthington, for the purpose of electing a board of trustees for said church pursuant to notice which had previously been given for at least two successive Sabbaths at the place where said congregation steadily met for the public worship where said congregation had assembled. J. S. Shuck and M. H. Stevens, members of said congregation, were
    nominated and elected to preside at said meeting, to receive the votes and determine the qualifications of voters. The following named persons were then
    duly elected as a board of trustees: Daniel Rohrer, H. D. Bookstaver, M. H. Stevens, J. Craft and J. A. Town, they and their successors in office to be
    forever known by the name of the board of trustees of the Westminster Presbyterian church of Worthington.

    Given under our hands and seals this 21st day of June, A. D. 1873.

    Delivered in the presence of E. T. Dillabaugh.
    J. S. SHUCK [Seal.]
    M. H. STEVENS. [Seal.]

  3. Worthington is not like the rest of Minnesota - even back then it wasn't! Heavens, there's not a Tollerud, Svensen, Olafson, or Hummerding in the bunch!

    But I'm glad to see there is still an independent streak there. ;-)

  4. Oh, yeah - by the bye: I loves me some geeky trivia. Thanks!