Shuck and Jive

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I cleaned up the sidebar. It was sad to let go of some long-term favorite links and gadgets. Hopefully this will speed up your access to Shuck and Jive. I have changed the blog and site roll. It sits there alphabetically now.

I will be happy to list you. If I am on your blogroll and I haven't returned the favor, it is because I don't know about it. Let me know! On the other hand, if I list your blog and you don't list me, well that is just plain rude.

What am I not good enough for ya? Embarrassed to be seen with me, is that it? I am talking to you, you moderate to liberal prissy presbyterians who sneak over and read but won't link to me.

I love you anyway, you pansies.

I have removed blogs who haven't posted for over two months. I assume you have devoted yourselves to mind-numbing twittering and facegossip refreshing.

That is how the B--tards are going to conquer the world, you know that don't you? They have us behaving like rats.
Researchers placed electrodes in rats’ reward centers to stimulate them, just as dopamine does. The rats could then press a lever to stimulate the reward center. That’s all those rats did; they ignored food, and even female rats. They just sat there pressing the lever over and over, wasting away…not unlike crack addicts. In a second experiment, scientists blocked dopamine so the reward center could not be stimulated. What happened? The rats just sat there, again ignoring food, receptive mates, and the opportunity to explore their environment.
Facebook and Twitter are marks of the Beast.

That's you on Tweetdeck.

What else can I rant about? I appear to be in the mood.

My office is a mess. Decisions left unmade is what that is.

Finally, I really despise Donald Trump. I hereby fire him from the human race.

That is all.


  1. Dang! That was a good rant! Feel better?

    I agree wholeheartedly about Trump. He is one sorry-assed excuse of a human being - and that has very little to do with his damned hair!

    I'm glad to see you took that loser Concerned TN Citizens off your blogroll. Waste of time. You should take Snad and John off too, cause I never post to it and no one but you ever read it.

    I also agree about the Twitter and Facebook thing. I don't Twitter, and don't intend to, and Facebook hangs on at the edge of the cyberspace chasm, at my mercy (whimsey).

    As for your office, when I have to ask you if this pile of papers is okay to stand on so I can see your computer screen, you know you have a problem. But hell, it's a lovely day, so why waste it in your office. Which reminds me: can we have our staff meeting outside?

    From one curmudgeon to another: Love ya!

  2. I don't know how I missed ConcernedTNCitizens. I added it. Now you'll have write somethin'. :)

  3. But I like Concerned TN Citizens. It was because of that that I found you, and your brother and Mr. Dewey and the Monkey and a whole zoo full of characters!

  4. But if you really want me to delete I will and promote Open Pen.

  5. I know - it has a soft spot in my heart too - and for the same reasons (although I had met my brother and Mr. Dewey a time or two prior ;-). It's up to you - it's your blog.

    Promoting Open Pen would be loverly. After all, you are linked to it - wouldn't want to be rude now, would you?