Shuck and Jive

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Utah Flips!

How about that Presbytery of Utah? The good folks advocating for equality voted in favor of amendment B, 28-25. This is a huge flip from a vote of 21-32 against equality last time. 75 presbyteries have voted for equality this year. Looking good for the future.


  1. WHOO HOOO!!!!!!!!!!! yeah!!!! i can't wait to hear how it was from pastor p. yep yep. 3 of those votes came from first presbyterian of logan. for once my current state of residence did the right thing.

  2. Thanks for your great witness, Brooke! Grateful for the good folks in Logan!

  3. Those in the Mormon group who fought against Prop 8 must be furious. All their good work undone.