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Monday, January 08, 2007

Get Jung in Elizabethton!

The First Presbyterian Church of Elizabethton, Tennessee

is honored to host John and Carolyn Martin

as they present a seminar entitled:

The Language of the Soul: The Psychology of Carl Jung.

Friday and Saturday, January 19th and 20th

This seminar is designed for those

  • new to the psychology of Carl Jung;
  • or desiring a refresher course.

John and Carolyn comment: The purpose of this seminar is to familiarize participants with the basic concepts of Jungian Psychology. We have discovered that the best way to do this is in terms of a living model of the psyche as it was understood by Jung. The structure of the seminar allows us to do just this.

The Life of Jung and The Nature of Symbols

We begin by introducing the man himself. We do this with film and personal comments. What we discover in this segment is that for Jung the basic problem for modern men and women is the enormous chasm that has opened up between the conscious and the unconscious mind. To overcome this division we must learn the language of the unconscious, which is to say that we must learn the language of symbolic thought. We spend time considering how symbols work in terms of Jung's approach.

A Model of the Psyche

We then turn to Jung's model of the psyche and locate its various aspects: the personal unconscious, the collective unconscious, ego, persona, shadow, anima and animus, complexes and the Self. This material is presented not as a set of philosophical concepts, but as living realities which we experience each day of our life; the things that make us feel the way we feel and act the way we act.

Projections and the Anima/Animus

Our experience of these living realities involves an elementary psychological fact that we feel we must understand - projection. So we will spend a certain amount of time defining and illustrating this basic psychological experience.

Would it be safe to say that our relationships with the opposite sex can be a little challenging? We think so, and so we carefully consider Jung's contribution to this area of personal relationships. Using his notions of anima (the woman within the man) and animus (the man within the woman), we attempt to clarify the dynamics of these "invisible partners." Film clips are wonderful tools in this part of our study.


Perhaps the most important practical contribution of Jung to modern life is his theory of the complex. To grasp his understanding of complexes can change the way we think about ourselves and can open exciting doors of personal transformation. With this part of our study all that has gone before will come together in a way that we trust will be of genuine benefit to everyone participating.


One of the most popular parts of the Introduction to Jung seminar is the Jungian Film Festival. An evening is reserved for the viewing of a popular modern movie and then discussing the symbols, metaphors and mythological story-lines from the perspective of Jungian psychology. You will see Jung's ideas embodied in the lives of people and you will recognize how our own lives are shaped daily by the realities these ideas represent. This usually ends up being quite a lively discussion with lots of laughter and perhaps some tears.

About the Presenters

JOHN MARTIN, M.DIV., was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and grew up in Gadsden, Alabama. He received his doctor of ministry from the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary and did a year's work with the interregional training center for Jungian analysis in Memphis. John retired at the end of June 2003 after thirty-three years as minister of the First Presbyterian Church of Elizabethton, Tennessee. During this time at the church he had an extensive ministry as a pastoral counselor.

CAROLYN MARTIN, M.R.E., grew up in Gadsden, AL and has a B.S. Degree in Elementary Education and a Master's Degree in Religious Education. Prior to retiring in June 2003 she was Director of Christian Education at First Presbyterian Church. John and Carolyn's ability to make clear the understanding of Jung's concepts in relation to our spiritual quest as well as our day-to-day life has been influential for many as they struggle to find meaning in their own religious tradition.

Comments and Raves

"I had been exposed to Jung but had never had it all presented as a connected whole. John speaks from a human understanding of abstract concepts and makes them movingly accessible, bringing clarity to a topic that is often esoteric. And Carolyn has such a balance of common sense and a deep understanding of the material that helped it to be accessible. It was terrific."

"A wonderful experience - really enjoyed it."

"I found a pamphlet in a coffee shop my interest in Jung drew me to participate. Understanding of some of Jung's basic concepts has been most valuable."

"John and Carolyn Martin were fantastic, such great presenters! The material was excellent and gave me new insights regarding animus/anima and complexes and new ways of thinking about God."

"Learning about Jung's thought and relating it to my own understanding of Christian faith was of such value and brought self-understanding."

Details and Registration

The tuition for this event is normally $250. John and Carolyn are offering this as a gift to the church and to any who wish to attend. The church is asking for $10 per person for the entire weekend which includes materials, refreshments, and a boxed lunch. We strongly urge that participants attend the entire seminar as the pieces build upon one another. (As the fee is so low, there is no discount for attending only part of the conference or for not taking advantage of the lunch).

We request advance registration so we can have an idea of how many will participate. We do, however, welcome participants to register at the door. To register in advance or for questions e-mail Rev. John Shuck at, Mary O’Keeffe at or call the church office at 423-543-7737.


Friday Evening:

6:30-7:00 Registration

7:00-9:30 Jung’s Model of the Psyche, Sign and Symbol

Saturday Morning:

9:00-11:00 Projections: “Our World of Imaginary Relationships”

11:00-12:00 Anima /Animus: Our Invisible Partner

Saturday Afternoon:

12:00-1:00 Boxed Lunch Provided

1:00-2:00 Anima/Animus continued

2:00-5:00 Complexes: Why Do I Feel the Way I Feel?

Saturday Evening:

5:00-7:00 Dinner Break (on your own or brown bag in Martin Hall for informal discussion)

7:00-10:00 Moonstruck & Conversation (popcorn provided!)

Breaks will be included. Beverages will be furnished. The Seminar will be held in the newly remodeled John and Carolyn Martin Hall.

For more information or to register contact:

Rev. John Shuck, Pastor

First Presbyterian Church

119 West F Street

Elizabethton, Tennessee 37643



  1. We don't actually have to go to the seminar--we can just pick it up from our collective unconscious! I know what they're going to say is lurking in there somewhere. :)

  2. Hey Brett,

    I take it you are not a fan of Carl Jung? I have found depth psychology (and I do not know much about it--hope to learn a great deal at this seminar) to be very important in helping me to be aware of what I do and feel. Our unconcious does have a language and learning it can help us understand ourselves and others better.

  3. How jung do we have to be to attend? haha.

  4. Hey Society,

    You don't have to be a certain age to attend. Only two factors are necessary:
    1) You have to be collectivist (aye, Comrade/товарищ?); and
    2) You have to be unconscious.

  5. I attended this presentation ten or eleven years ago and it was the beginning of a learning process that has changed my life. John and Carolyn have done this presentation for Journey Into Wholeness for a number of years. It is fine tuned. Those who participate won't be disappointed. The fact that they are providing this at no cost is truly a gift and opportunity.

  6. Hey Granny!

    Thanks for the comment. Many people have told me how this seminar has helped them to understand themselves and others. I am excited. At last count, we have about 80 registered!