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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Carl Jung Seminar for East Tennessee

Carl Jung.
For a "Cliffs Notes" version to his thought check out Jung 101.

Next weekend, January 19-20, First Presbyterian Church will host John and Carolyn Martin as they present The Language of the Soul: The Psychology of Carl Jung. This seminar is a gift to the church and is available for any who want to attend. It will be worth the drive and a stay overnight in beautiful northeast Tennessee.

John and Carolyn are my predecessors at First Presbyterian having served here for thirty-three years. Their ministry has made this little congregation an oasis in our area for freedom of thought and a place of welcome to all people. The congregation also takes pride in its Appalachian heritage and works to preserve its natural beauty.

I had never been to Tennessee, but when I was looking for a congregation this one rose to the top of my list and I am grateful that they called me to serve as pastor. I am honored to build on the foundations that John and Carolyn have built. I was immediately impressed by the congregation's mission statement:

With joyful hearts and open minds, we welcome all persons as diverse, unique, and individual expressions of the image of God as we:

  • Affirm the unconditional love of God for all people as expressed in the life of Jesus Christ.
  • Celebrate God's grace and creative work through ritual, sacrament, music, art, movement, and play.
  • Honor our Christian heritage while we explore the knowledge and wisdom of multiple religions, science, philosophy, humanities and psychology to deepen and enrich our spiritual journeys.
  • Nurture one another through fellowship and compassion in a community that seeks to offer wholeness.
  • Embody our faith through local ministries and in actions that promote environmental sustainability, peace, and justice for all people and Earth.
With awe and gratitude for the Divine Mystery that dwells within each of us and pervades our Universe, we seek to create a Christian community that honors our past, is vitally connected to our present, and looks with hope and vision to the generations after us.

We have also added a specific welcoming statement:

First Presbyterian invites you to become a part of our fellowship as we worship God and serve others in the spirit of Jesus Christ. With a commitment to achieving a just and peaceful world community, our congregation welcomes those of every age, gender, sexual orientation, race and ethnic identity.
We are affiliated with the The Center for Progressive Christianity and affirm its eight points. Of course, we are part of the larger family of the Presbyterian Church (USA), the larger Christian community, all humankind, and all Earthlings (animal, vegetable, and mineral)!

John and Carolyn have helped many people affirm the Christian story through the insights of Carl Jung and depth psychology.

They have been working with Journey Into Wholeness for many years.

Journey includes such thinkers as Neil Douglas-Klotz, Matthew Fox, Andrew Harvey, Sue Monk Kidd, Mary Loomis, Brian Swimme, and many, many others. Here is a list of Journey presenters.

John and Carolyn have often led the introduction to Carl Jung at these conferences and this is what they are going to offer to us next weekend. You can order some of John's audiotapes here.
Check out the flier on our website, plan on the conference, and bring a friend!

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