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Monday, January 01, 2007

3,000 Dead: 66 From Tennessee

The New York Times has an interactive website of the 3,000 faces of U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq. On the last day of 2006, the number reached 3,000. Sixty-six of these soldiers are from Tennessee. You can see their faces and read about them here. Here are the names of those from the Tri-Cities area:

David Louis Potter--Johnson City
Alexander S. Coulter--Bristol
Mark O. Edwards--Unicoi
Robbie G. Light--Kingsport

I offer condolences to their families.
With deep appreciation for their sacrifice,
Rev. John Shuck

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  1. It's a sad thing. These fine young men and all the others who have lost their lives for this lie.

    These were the best and the bravest our society has to offer. Their lives cast asunder by a handful of evil men.
    I know one of the families, they will appreciate your love.