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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Good News from Brewster and Bono!

Paul Peterson sent an e-mail to subscribers of Walking Across America with good news about the pledge drive to keep the boys walkin'. I am sure that Paul will continue to take pledges. Contact him here. Here is the e-mail and today's strip (click pic to enlarge):

Dear Readers,
Good news. Enough pledges were received to continue the journey of Brewster and Bono in their walk across America. Bono may have to change from his gourmet dog food to a store brand, but he'll survive. Thank you for the support, both financially and through the nice notes we receive.
Again, all the money raised goes to pay artist Yul Tolbert. He will be graciously working for half of what he should be paid. Yul is an African-American artist who lives in Detroit. He works at McDonalds to try and make a living, since making money through art is very difficult. Illustrating Walking Across America has provided him some extra income, but more importantly, he believes in the strip's long term potential and invests sweat equity (metaphorically speaking, since artists probably don't get very sweaty drawing comics).
I'll send out an email early next week about the methods available for sending pledged donations. In the meantime, today's strip. Again, thank you.


  1. Can someone kill that mouthy mutt! Lol

    I think the cartoon is kinda cool but it has a Presbyterian slant (I think) - which makes it partisan - and if it's 'taking a side' - well you know how we libs are.

    I'm kidding - cartoon is funny - I don't think I'll donate to it though - since this is the first I have heard of it.

  2. If they really want some exercise they should walk across Canada. Take a little hike to Yellowknife. Yellowknive has always been a fantasy place of mine. Ever been there, Society?

  3. Never been to Yellowknife and I plan on not going - cold out there man. But most of Northern Saskatchewan (which is mainly tree's and waterlands) resembles that land and I have been up north - I hope you get the chance to peruse Canada - might come and never leave.

  4. I am from Montana and have been to Moose Jaw. My niece's husband's family is from Regina. Canada is beautiful country. When global warming starts to make its impact, Yellowknive could be a resort!

  5. I am from Regina also, great place in my opinion...but I am biased - I was raised here.

  6. High Society!

    I have always wondered and never thought to ask: Is the "i" in Regina long or short? While I got ya, how did Medicine Hat (Alberta) and Moose Jaw (Saskatchewan) get their names?

    For those curious, I graduated high school in Butte, Montana. Butte rhymes with cute not cut.


  7. Regina is pronounced with a long "I" in there so 're-jie-nah'. Rhymes with Vagina more or less.

    Medicine Hat and Moose Jaw (and plenty of other names in Saskatchewan) get their names from the original ancestors of this land - the Indians - whether Cree, Saulteaux, Blood, Dene, etc. Medicine Hat is in Alberta (I have to go there in 2 months) and I am not sure of the name. Moose Jaw was a piece of land shaped like a moose's jaw (however that is shaped).

    The city of Regina is called 'pile of bones' - it was here they found a buffalo 'pile of bones' - so the Indian peoples hunted here - and there was likely a slaughter of the Buffalo here.

    The term 'Saskatchewan' is a cree saying - and what it means - I have the slightest - I could check it up but I am lazy (and actually don't care too deeply).

    I am indian - cree and saulteaux - and know quite about Indian's peoples in Canada - maybe that's why I love Sask - rich heritage here.

  8. Society,

    Thank you for sharing that about yourself. I really like your blog, Losing My Religion, and particularly the post: "Who Are You...I Really Wanna Know."

    I also appreciate your style of being open to various points of view. Many of us (I am at the top of that list) could benefit from that approach.