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Friday, August 03, 2007

Friday Five

In a shameless attempt to get back in the good graces of the RevGals after my untimely introduction, I thought I would play Friday Five with the Gals:

1. Have you ever been on a pilgrimage? (however you choose to define the term) Share a bit about it. If not, what's your reaction to the idea of pilgrimage?

In 1994 I was given a trip by my congregation to the Holy Land on one of those Christian tours. By the grace of God, there were a couple of other peurile smart-asses aboard with me that made the tour guide bearable. It was definitely a pilgrimage. We kissed every spot where Jesus stubbed his toe. The tour guide even showed us the rock upon which Jesus ascended to heaven. He had left his footprint. Jesus was a size seven.

2. Share a place you've always wanted to visit on pilgrimage.

Where you went sounds like a great place. I am game to go anywhere. My spouse wants to go on a pilgrimage of some sort next May for our 25th anniversary. I will check other posts for ideas!

3. What would you make sure to pack in your suitcase or backpack to make the pilgrimage more meaningful? Or does "stuff" just distract from the experience?

A map, my digital camera, journal, water bottle. But I probably wouldn't use any of them. I like to travel light.

4. If you could make a pilgrimage with someone (living, dead or fictional) as your guide, who would it be? (I'm about thisclose to saying "Besides Jesus." Yes, we all know he was indispensable to those chaps heading to Emmaus, but it's too easy an answer).

Jesus is the last person I would want to follow on a pilgrimage. He gets in way too much trouble. I guess I would have to say Bill and Ted.

5. Eventually the pilgrim must return home, but can you suggest any strategies for keeping that deep "mountaintop" perspective in the midst of everyday life? (don't mind me, I'll be over here taking notes)

Blog about it! Sounds like you had a great trip! Thanks for the Five!


  1. yes, funny play. Bill and Ted. Who knew?

  2. He had left his footprint. Jesus was a size seven.

    So as a resurrected body, he could go through walls, but he still left footprints! Who knew!

    Someone needs to write a book some time on the physics of resurrection.

  3. Ok. I'm surprised you said that Jesus gets in to too much trouble. I mean he does. But is sounds like you'd be right there with him. (I mean that in all the best of ways...) good play, good humor shines through.

  4. Thanks revmother, diane, and mompriest! I appreciate ya!

    Mystical, yes the physics of resurrection. I may have to call in Jesus's secretary for that one...