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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

God's Warriors

Christiane Amanpour of CNN begins a three-part series tonight on violence and religion. The report is called God's Warriors. Here is a preview in which she interviews a youth leader in San Francisco who calls his ministry Tonight Jewish Warriors. Muslim Warriors on Wednesday and Christian Warriors on Thursday. All reports at 9 p.m.


  1. John,

    I'm surprised at your restraint on this issue. I mean...those crazy theocrats at BattleCry are pointing people to Jesus' command to love your enemies (and they even reference John Calvin!). You should be pointing out their thuggish behavior of "speaking out" and "praying" and "voting" so that we don't become a DEMONocracy under their oppressive strain.

    And can you believe the nerve of that Amanpour woman...referencing murders by Jews in Hebron and throat-slitting Muslims in the Netherlands, but not doing the hard work of turning up a single Evangelical act of violence? I mean...Christofascism is the greatest threat to humanity. Surely there's got to be more than them trying to keep kids out of drugs, pornography, and pre-marital sex.

    Talk about biased reporting!

  2. Thanks for the link John, I wasn't aware Luce had changed the name from "Aquire the Fire", --

    sounds like he's being provocative- sort of like Isaiah, Ezekiel, Elijah... and indeed- Ron Luce, Pat Robertson, George Bush-- straight line. Didn't see that one coming.

    And for heaven's sake, lets do stomp on those folks who are 'pro-obedience'- I want less of that in my house, by golly. None of this, 'honor your parents,' garbage.

  3. Hey Fellas,

    How about joining me then in stopping the war in Iraq and urging your congressperson to support the Department of Peace?

  4. John I am going to watch all 3 episodes - I watched the first one on the Jewish faith (was quite good).

    I also like your ideas for supporting stopping the war in Iraq and supporting peace!

  5. I was going to say, wouldn't it be useful to wait a bit on judging the show before it actually airs?

    Yes, I refuse to believe that Timothy McVeigh and Eric Rudolph were/are nicer terrorists than Islamic or Jewish or Hindu or Aum Shinrikyo terrorists. Terrorism is evil. Period.

  6. I'm really glad that a huge Christian organization is referring to millions of people as "virtue terrorists", or talking about how they are "raping teenage America". This comes from someone who clearly has no idea whatsoever what terrorism and rape actually are. Based on what they say about themselves on their website, there might be redeeming qualities to this "ministry". I'm not very motivated, now, to hear what this guy has to say though. I get enough mouth-frothing alarmism from my government and corporate news outlets already (CNN included).

  7. Thanks all,

    And Doug, thanks. That guy really creeped me out for the very reasons you stated.

  8. Flycandler, can you tell us what Timothy McVeigh has to do with religiously motivated violence since he is a self-acknowledged agnostic? And Eric Rudolph says that he prefers Nietzsche to the Bible, so it's kind of hard to paint him as a Christian fundamentalist.

    Doug says: "I get enough mouth-frothing alarmism from my government and corporate news outlets already (CNN included)."

    I hear you. The whole global warming racket is irritating me, too.

  9. Chris: I hear you man. Someone should tell those dying polar bears to shut up and deal with it. And I'm sure Haliburton can build new glaciers for a nominal fee.

  10. Chris, did I say that McVeigh or Rudolph were Christian fundamentalists? Nope, I didn't think so.

    ANYONE who thinks that they are justified in killing you or your family because they think God told that person to hate you is dangerous IMO.