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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Horace Atwater and our 225th Celebration

I am finding out more and more each minute about Rev. Horace Cowles Atwater. I will preach one of his sermons tomorrow. John Thompson wrote an excellent article in today's Johnson City Press about him and our celebration tomorrow.

From his research he discovered that Rev. Atwater had written a book,
Incidents of a Southern Tour or The South as Seen with Northern Eyes, in 1857. I just found out about a minute or so ago that you can read this text on-line!

Tomorrow, you will hear a sermon of his, the first to be preached since from his own voice in 1876. It will be a slice of history!


  1. John and I are excited about coming in to hear the sermon, tomorrow. We both LOVE this idea of using an old sermon to mark the incredible history of First Pres. And yes, we'll be driving OUR Prius, thank you!

  2. Awesome! Arriving in your own Prius, too! Hope you will be able to tell which one is yours after the service!

  3. Ha! Sort of like the consultants I used to work with and their cell phones. We used to play a game: each consultant would place a $1 in the flip part of their phones and through them on the table at the restaurant. Whichever phone rang first, that owner got the pot. Amazingly, they always knew which phone belonged to whom.

    Our Prius (which has a name - "Fern") knows us as well as we know her - and I even think she knows the way home by herself.

    PB Toyota techs say Fern is the highest mileage Prius they service, so she is like the Mamaw of Priuses around these parts. I love that!

    See you tomorrow!

  4. Oops. I meant throw - not through. You know that part on my resume that mentions being detail oriented? Never mind, I guess.