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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Ghost Ranch Week of Peace

Doug King, the web weaver for Witherspoon Society is posting highlights from the Ghost Ranch Week of Peace. You can read some sermons by Roberto Jordan Challenged By God and Interpreting the Signs and Challenged By God and Worshiping Totally, insightful and powerful words from Exodus and Isaiah.

Larry Rasmussen preached last night, The Baptized Life. In this sermon, according to Doug King's synopsis:

Dr. Larry Rasmussen looks through the Christian rite of baptism to help us understand the water that renews and sustains all of human life -- and the shows how we are now at a "tipping point" in the relation between human efforts at domination and the realities of "the great economy of creation."

They also remembered the 62nd anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima. According to Doug:

Earlier in the day, about 30 seminar participants traveled from Ghost Ranch to Los Alamos, site of the development of those first nuclear bombs. There we joined in an action of prayer and protest which was organized by Paz Christi, as it is each year. (And for how many more years??)

The group, totaling around 150, donned sackcloth (well, old burlap bags) as a sign of penitence, and walked quietly along on of the city’s main streets, until we spread out and each sat down on the ground, where we spent 45 minutes simply being silent and prayerful. Read More

If you are bummed like I am about missing this conference, then come to Louisville for Becoming Neighbors: An Invitation to Global Discipleship September 16-19.

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