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Monday, August 13, 2007

Li'l Toby

It must be hot in Cuero, Texas as Li'l Toby is in a sweat about a post I made on Conversations with Bob. You have to forgive Li'l Toby. He is still pouting about losing his redneck truck for the sake of the little woman. He is also concerned about passing his reading test. He has almost mastered The Little Brown Reader. Soon he might be able to read Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. But that may take many years.


  1. John,

    This is just mean spirited as all get out. It's one thing to criticize someone for their beliefs. (In that, you should be able to take as good as you give.) It's quite another to reach below the belt and go for ad hominem attacks.

    If you wanted to be a gentleman, you could have just said "Bless his heart, it must be hot down there." Instead, you took the low road.

  2. John

    I have to agree with Chris here. You may not like Toby but you should still be as polite with him as you are with me.

    I know you're getting flack because of being put on Presbyweb but come on.

  3. Dear Chris,

    Thank you for instructing me in word and example what it means to be a gentleman. Bless your heart.


    Respect is earned.

  4. Well bless your heart, John! And a hearty thanks to you for showing me what it means to live out the statement that Jesus is Lord. I thought it was an alternative to Caesar's "lordship" but it's going to be much easier carrying the standard of personal autonomy.

    And if anybody is mad at anything I've said, just chalk it up to hyperbole.

  5. Don't you thin calling Toby a Redneck is a bit judgmental and frankly, ethnically insensitive?

  6. John,

    There is no reason for such behavior from a member of the clergy. This is 3rd grade stuff, or 6th grade at best.

    I am very disappointed.

  7. Yes, you are all correct. An apology is in order and made.