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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Gays, the Bible, and Milligan College

I am getting ready to go to Milligan College to watch For the Bible Tells Me So. Following the film, four Milligan profs will be on a panel to discuss the film. They include Dr. Bert Allen, Dr. Lori Mills, Dr. Mark Matson, and Dr. Phil Kenneson.

I am pleased that Milligan (pretty darn conservative) is doing this.

In thinking about the Bible, I found this from Bart Ehrman in his new book, God's Problem:

It is important, then, to see what the Bible actually says, and not to pretend it doesn’t say something that happens to contradict one’s own particular point of view. But whatever the Bible says needs to be evaluated. This is not a matter of setting oneself up as God, dictating what is and what is not divine truth. It is a matter of using our intelligence to assess the merit of what the biblical authors say…(p. 17)


  1. Good for them for showing that film. I'm shocked they allowed it to happen. I suspect that they'll have a cadre of people praying for you while they show it.

  2. This is the same Milligan College that our disgraceful Jesus-pimp congressman, David Davis, attended.

    Be careful, John. There's an element there that is substantially less than "Christian" and possibly dangerous. Should be called College of the Taliban.

  3. Even though I graduated in 2007, I'm really pleased they showed the film to the students there.
    Hmm, Milligan as a conservative school..
    I think Milligan is typical. You have a conservative admin and board that is marketing to conservative families. You have a slightly more conservative than "liberal" body of students, but the liberal students are very vocal (such as myself), you have a good mix in the faculty and staff and the mass exit of freshman who just can't handle our heathen ways.

    I would say the Bible and Humanities departments draw even for the most liberal departments in the school

    College of the Taliban? What? That's just weird.