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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Rev. Ray Has Got It Right

I just discovered that Rev. Ray Bagnuolo, my Presbyterian colleague is also a blogger. Catch Ray's Net. Ray is a Gay Christian and Minister of the Word and Sacrament and serves the Palisades Presbyterian Church in Palisades, NY.

More Light Presbyterians
linked to Ray's post on why at this upcoming General Assembly we need to remove the policies that keep those who are called to serve from serving because of their gender identity or sexual orientation.

We have a huge heterosexual problem in the PC(USA). It is called prejudice. The only way to heal this sickness is to be bold and do the right thing. It is the same reason we need to speak up and stand up in our communities for dignity for all people.

Ray explodes a myth (read lie in this case) that if we ordain gays the church will split. Ray calls bullshit on that one.

The presence or increase of LGBT people in ordained and leadership roles in this church is not a threat to its unity. What is a threat to the unity of this church is the misleading of its members. It is a misleading teaching that insists upon diminished status for the LGBT community, in order that the church remains "whole." This great error is at the core of the threat to the unity of God's church, not those of us who are LGBT. It is an error that has taken on a near-mythological status.

Preach it, brother Ray. Check out his blog! He is one of the good ones.

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  1. From Fresh Air, yesterday. It was a great interview. The link to the audio is below

    It's been four years since Gene Robinson was consecrated bishop of a rural Episcopal diocese in New Hampshire. He's faced challenges and controversies as that denomination's first openly gay bishop — and he's written about them in a new memoir, In the Eye of the Storm.