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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A Sinister Plot

Hat tip to Mike at Progression of Faith for finding this one from the Onion.

When a chance peek over 11-year-old Taylor's shoulder revealed a biology worksheet, she recalled a teacher she'd trusted had been secretly teaching her only son about the physical world and its mechanics for almost a year.


  1. Probably happens every day.

    But I have no choice but to warn that The Onion has no credibility whatsoever. It's an online National Inquirer type publication.

    Is there another source for the story?

  2. Captain! It is a joke! Satire! Funny! Ha Ha!

  3. My bad. This is what I get for posting to blogs before coffee.

    Never mind me, nothing to see here, I am putting my keyboard down and slowly backing away.

  4. some of us got it, but come back captainkona. Love that Kona coffee!

  5. That was a dirty trick before coffee. The Captain will always return!

  6. Did you see the headline at the bottom?

    Five Lessons in Humility That I Opt to Ignore by Donald Trump

  7. too plausible? Yeah...

    I liked the Trump quote, too