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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Harrison Taylor Preserving History

Rev. Harrison Taylor is on the front page of today's Johnson City Press.

Rev. Taylor was the interim before I was called to First Pres.

He and his lovely wife, Ramona, worship with us regularly. Rev. Taylor has had a long and distinguished career as a Presbyterian minister. He was co-author of a number of social justice papers for the old PCUS.

He is in the news today for his work preserving the old home on Sabine Hill in Elizabethton. Thanks to Rev. Taylor, we have uncovered a rich history of our congregation's involvement with the community.

Here is the article in today's JC Press:

ELIZABETHTON — A 190-year-old house that a year ago appeared to be doomed to a developer’s wrecking ball is the latest addition to the state’s historic treasures.

The white frame Federalist-style house on Sabine Hill that commands the western approach to Elizabethton is now under the control of the Tennessee Historic Commission, with ultimate plans to make the 5-acre site a satellite to Sycamore Shoals State Historic Park, similar in operation to the Carter Mansion.

Jerry Wooten, state historic sites director and capital projects administrator, said the house was begun by
Nathaniel Taylor in 1811. He said it is one of the few remaining two-story Federalist-style homes from this era in the state. (Read More)

Harrison also was able to preserve the sermons of Rev. Horace Atwater who served First Pres. from 1870-1877. They are all at the ETSU campus. Several folks are in the process of transcribing them. It may take some time, but we hope to produce a book of his sermons and his contribution to our history.


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