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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Great Letter in the Star!

A Letter to the Editor in today's Elizabethton Star!

God luv ya, Amy!

I want to spread the happy word that the Tri-Cities area now has a large, active chapter of PFLAG-Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays. We had our first meeting last Thursday, and the turnout was overwhelming! I was so inspired by the stories I heard and the compassion and determination displayed by those in attendance, and I am thrilled that this organization exists here, where it is so badly needed. I personally feel honored to have the chance to be a part of what I see as the next huge civil rights issue in America -- the rights of lesbians and gays to exercise fully the same rights as straight people. But activism is not required-you can come for the support and the fellowship.

If you are gay, lesbian, transgendered, bisexual, questioning, or are friends or family members of anyone who is, I invite you to join our organization. We are a supportive, welcoming group, and there is no debate here over sexuality or religion; this is a safe haven for you to come to where you do not have to give up your spirituality or religion in order to be who you are. You will not be condemned, you will not be judged -- you will be loved and celebrated. And this group is here to stay.

Our next meeting is May 15, and you can find more information on the Web site at Welcome!

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  1. If there were an organization to support those who are drug addicts and want to continue to be drug addicts, would you support them? This life style choice only leads to eternal damnation. If you are looking for guidance and support for your sinful life style, then seek out a church. We are all sinners. There aren’t degrees of sin. To be in sin is to be separated from God. If you would become a Christian and find strength in the Lord then you could over come all the thoughts and feelings you may have that are sinful. This organization is only an enabler for your life, just like the friend who continues to get the drug addict his drugs.