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Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Like Green--the Green of Cash

In my effort to let the world know that we are on top of things in East Tennessee, here is another doozy of a letter in today's Johnson City Press:

Environmentalists are regressive, not progressive

There is nothing new under the sun. Environmentalism is idolatry. Environmentalism is worship of the creation and not the creator.

When man rejects Christianity, he will seek to worship something because he cannot evade being made in the image of God. His only alternative is the material world, i.e., what he can see with his physical eyes.

In his recent letter, Robert Bitter shows he is a dupe of the environmentalist philosophy. His solutions are all idolater’s solutions at the end of a gun. This is because the environmentalist philosophy is bankrupt. They have no solution but coercion.

What Bitter calls for will result in worsening the oil situation. He does not realize that government regulation is the cause of the rise in gas prices and yet he wants more regulation ensuring shortages.

When there is a shortage in the market, you can rest assured the government is involved. The establishment’s religion is environmentalism. This is taught in the coercive educational system from kindergarten all the way through graduate school. Environmentalism is the government-established religion of America.

I like green, the green of cash from being productive. God told man to subdue the
earth. This is what the environmentalists seek to stop. Drilling for oil and subduing the earth is the solution to the high price of oil.

The environmentalists desire is to become primitive. They are regressive, not progressive as they claim. Our survival depends upon getting goods to the market. This is what oil companies seek to do. The environmentalists are determined to stop them.

Johnson City


  1. Absolutely disgusting, especially coming from a "Reverend".

    There is so much wrong with this coming from a pastor, I don't even know where to start.

  2. What a wacko. It is really scary to think that there are probably a lot of people out there who think like that.

  3. Wow John. I read this and could not stop laughing--I hope that this was tongue and cheek and that this pastor is not being serious.

    Assuming that this is not sarcasm, I wonder whether this pastor believes that humans are a part of creation as well. He is creating this divide between God and God's creation, but he quickly forgets that the Genesis story talks about how humans are apart of that creation story. I wonder if he thinks that taking care of other people, as we are told to do by Christ (that whole love your neighbor thing), is idolatry as well?

    Hopefully this pastor will realize just how fragile God's creation is, and as humans we are charged by God to take care of it and to build it up, not to drill it and tear it down.

    Peace, Andy

  4. There is still that James Watt school of faith that says that since the Rapture is nigh and the world's about to end anyway, we need to put the "dom" in dominion and exploit what's left for all it's worth.

    My mother's home town, the beautiful historic town of Savannah, Georgia, had up until the mid 80s several paper mills, sugar refineries, a steel foundry and some of the laxest environmental laws in the country. My dad (who was from freaking Chicago) noted how bad the air was the first time he went and was told "that's just the smell of money!"

    BTW, most of the industry is gone, replaced with burgeoning tourism. It's particularly beautiful right now as the azaleas are in bloom!

  5. Rev Shuck:

    This reminds me. You promised to post some of your thoughts on a post peak oil world.

    I am looking forward to it.

  6. Andy -
    Sadly, it isn't tungue in cheek or sarcasm. John mentioned to me that he has a blog or two, and feels the death penalty should be used for gays and "animals that sin".

    He must have a great time at the neighborhood gatherings, eh?

  7. The good Rev. Jackson has a number of blogs that no one seems to read - at least no one comments on them. I say we keep it that way.

  8. here is still that James Watt school of faith

    Not to mention, the James Watt school of music theory, which categorizes the Beach Boys as "hard rock".

    But I digress. :)

  9. Wow, when I first read the title I was about to roll a couple of doobs and come see ya, John. ;-]_~

    I really have to be more thurough reading blog titles.

    Rev. Jackson? Is he important in any way?
    I'd rather talk about doobies and cold beer.

    Anyone got a light?

  10. I think what is interesting about this letter is that he is so blatant. Dominate this Earth. Drill it and get the cash...

  11. Well gee golly guys.
    If the rapture is right around the corner, what difference does it make whether we trash the earth?

  12. "I like the green of cash?" Sweet Mary and Joseph, this can't be real. Maybe he's a paid shill for ExxonMobil, or one of those Word Faith pastors who've somehow managed to not yet read the Gospels and Epistles.

  13. stuff like this really puts a knot in my stomach. i've run across a lot of instances in this area where concern for the environment is being cast as somehow un-Christian. "God says subdue the earth." God help us.

  14. Forcing the earth to submit to our wanton desires and lusts makes the baby Jesus cry.

  15. Wow. That's so incredibly perverse, idolatrous, absurd, and nauseating. Incredible.

    I'm going to save it though. I'm going to have that handy in mind the next time someone tells me that ecology isn't important to theology, or that we only need to apply ethics to human interactions. This is exactly the kind of evil that is most pervasive in our society - because it is so rarely called out for what it is - rapacious greed.

    I'm sorry, that's just vile. I wish someone hadn't given this guy a pulpit.

    Of course, I guess there are those who hope no one gives me one either.

  16. What!!! O.K. that's an interesting way to look at things. Is he serious?