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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Big Bus for a Big Macher

Now that I am a big macher for being a hot topic (literally, I believe I was sent to hell) on the radio, folks concerned with my welfare have beefed up security. This is from Scott:

Due to your increased level of importance, I consulted with the Department of Homeland Security along with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, and the Central Intelligence Agency. We felt that a person of your stature needs a very special bus (far more special than the ones pictured earlier). We have a preliminary model waiting to roll off the assembly line once you approve. A photo of the new model is attached.


(Your new director of safety and security)

Yeah, now we are talkin'. I wanna bus, a big gaudy church sign, and my own radio show. NO! A television show, with make-up people and everything.


  1. Thanks for adding me. I do steal....its true. But I always give credit. It makes me feel better at least. I have really enjoyed your blog. Thanks for what you do.

    And if conservatives are starting to hate on you it means that you are doing something right.

    I look forward to the continuing drama.

  2. I also wanted to tell you that a friend at mine knows the church that the pastor from your earlier post is from. She wanted to tell you that she gives you her full support and she is sure that you must be amazing to get such attention.

    Our prayers are with you. And our gleeful support is with you.

  3. You need a REALITY TV show, and a big hybrid Prez-scilla bus to drive around in, John. Just keep the cameras out of MY office, please!

  4. Oy gevalt, you tell him he's a big macher and suddenly, oy vey - a bus of his own.

  5. I've been hearing the bus thing for days, Fran! It's as much as I deserve, sinced I brought it up in the first place! But you certainly didn't help, sister!

    But listening to the good Rev go on about a bus isn't half as bad as what I had to put up with when Dr. Monkey was on his Speedo kick! Shhh! Don't say anything or he'll get started again...

  6. Be careful what you wish for, John. The Catholics may have a cool Popemobile, but us Presbyterians are such tightwads that you'll end up with a much-worse-for-wear Yugo.

    But I like the sign idea:


  7. Snad... Dr. Monkey - speedo kick!

    Stop, stop, stop!! LOL!