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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Watch Out! I am getting to be important!

Wesley Simons the pastor of Stoney Creek Church of Christ called me this morning to tell me that I am going to be the topic of his radio program this afternoon. He has been reading Shuck and Jive and he is going to show that I am incorrect about my views on the "authority of the Bible, homosexuality, and lesbianism" as he put it. He invited me to call in. I don't think I will, but you might want to do so.

His program is on 690 AM WZAP. It is "Arise to Truth" and it airs from 2-3 p.m. You can listen to recordings of previous programs on the Arise to Truth website. He is the gentleman who wanted to debate me about evolution. I toyed with the idea then realized it would not be very edifying. He is a nice guy. We are just from totally different worlds.


  1. Gotta love completely free advertising! :)

  2. John,
    Due to your increased level of importance, I consulted with the Department of Homeland Security along with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, and the Central Intelligence Agency. We felt that a person of your stature needs a very special bus (far more special than the ones pictured earlier). We have a preliminary model waiting to roll off the assembly line once you approve. We will e-mail you the specs.

  3. Yeah, like you weren't important already. :)

  4. Oh John! In Yiddish we have a word for someone like you(you know RC is just a part of it...)a big macher, fancy schmancy topic of the radio show.

    I can say I (sort of) knew him when...

  5. I agree with you, John. It'd be too hard to argue with someone who professes his anti-gayness on a radio show called Arise to Faith.

    Paging Dr. Freud...

  6. I've told ya a million times, the Evolution/Creationism argument is probably the most redundant I can think of. That's why I rarely waste my time.

    He'll say "three thousand years!", then you'll say, "several billion years!". Then you'll say "molecules" and he'll say "who made the molecules?", then you'll say "Big Bang" and he'll say "who made the Big Bang?", then you'll say "nature" and he'll say "who made nature?"....

    See, no reason to go on his show. :) We already know what happens.

    1) Faith doesn't require proof.
    2) Evolution does, but few would understand the proof if it did exist and where's the proof that the proof is really proof?
    (what the hell did I just type :( , anyway....)

    Meaning? His faith won't turn you from science and your science won't turn him from faith.
    He'll spew cherry picked verses and all you'll get in return is a frustration-related headache.

    Other than satisfying curiosity, what does it matter anyway?

    I'm getting dizzy already.

  7. This guy does seems like a nice fellow. I appreciate that he promotes your website on his show (I'm listening to the mp3 right now). Its one of those situations where I don't even know how I would begin to address anything with him in conversation.