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Saturday, April 26, 2008

IRD Film Screening Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow night we will hold a screening of Renewal or Ruin? The Institute on Religion and Democracy's Attack on the United Methodist Church. The producer of the film, Rev. Steven Martin, is a local from the Holston Conference of the Methodist Church. He is going to be at the screening.

This will be an excellent opportunity to see the film (on our cool, new theater set up), talk with Rev. Martin about his experience of making the film, hear the responses he has received, and catch up on the latest news. He posted a new article just a couple of days ago, IRD Endangers UMC by Joining Lawsuit.

The IRD posted a review of the film on its website. Here is Fred Clarkson's response to this review.

Mark Tooley of the IRD strikes at the film. Steven, I am sure will address that as well.

The IRD is hot and heavy after the UMC, but they also like to take shots at the Presbyterians. Rev. Jim Berkley is the attack dog. See Jim bite. He bares his teeth here, too. Grrr. He barks at me as well. Sez I need some lovin' discipline. If I do, Jim, I'll be sure and call ya.

They say they want to renew the church. Get the message? You church folks are so screwed up that these boys need to fix you. Get ya right with Jesus.

Thank Dog for the IRD. How could we possibly know the love of Jesus without them?

See you tomorrow night at 7 p.m. Maybe some IRD folks will show up, too. According to Winifred, they will be the ones who are well-dressed.

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  1. I'll be there. No worries. After seeing the photo of that dog I will still be W-I-D-E A-W-A-K-E.
    Holy crap, Batman. Is that thing for real?