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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Davis Still Whining

Soon to be former Congressman David Davis is still complaining about the injustice of the Republican primary that ousted him last month. In today's Johnson City Press, Davis refers to the Tennessee Democratic Party's invalidation of Rosalind Kurita's victory as proof that he has been picked on unfairly. According to Davis, hordes of Democrats put on pinstripes and golf caps and voted Republican just to boot him.

Actually, I think a lot of Dems did. Hee hee. Too bad.

Read the saga, here, here, and here.

Poor Dave. He still doesn't get it.
  • when you are ranked 430 out of 435 in terms of effectiveness,
  • when you (the incumbent) are so bad that Republicans won't even vote for you in your own primary,
  • when you don't represent the people of your district...
you should be embarrassed. Your face is covered with crusty egg yolk right now. Look at yourself.

Nope. No vindication for you, Dave.

But, Jesus still loves you. Jesus loves everyone. Maybe you'll get elected deacon at your church.


  1. I love how he refered to it as "the Democrat party." Someone should tell him that it's the Democratic party.

  2. Now, Monkey - he'll only listen to that "someone" if they are a good Christian Republican. Then they can tell him to call it the "Snowshoe In Your Liver party" and he will. But obviously, you and I got nothin' to say to the man. Hush now.