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Friday, September 26, 2008

Priest v. Bishop

Thanks to Fred (from Arizona) for this post about initiative 102. First is a video of a Bishop that apparently was played during Mass in all the churches in his diocese. Then Fred posts the text of a homily by a priest who spoke against it and for true justice and decency. The video is creepy, controlling fear-mongering disguised in the language of God, love, justice, and faith.

The homily told the truth:

With regard to last week's DVD presentation about Proposition 102, same sex couples who are the minority in society and want to live in committed relationships, in no way threaten the peace of society or the institution of marriage.

What does threaten the institution of marriage within our state and country and threaten the peace of our society are politicians who think we the voters are so stupid. Their responsibility as elected officials is to work for us on the real issues that are threatening the average family such as:

+ Families who are worried about the rising cost of food in order to feed their families.

+ Families who are struggling to make their house payments.

+ Mothers and fathers who worry if they will have a job tomorrow.

+ The energy crisis, especially regarding the amount of money we pay for a gallon of gas.

+ The budget deficit in this state of $3 billion dollars which takes money away from our educational system thereby denying our children a good education.

+ The lack of affordable health care.

+ The national economy that is in deep trouble.

+ And border security

These are the issues that threaten the basic family unit today.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, John.

  2. Deep sigh.

    I have no words today, I hang my head. But I do remain within, with this at the forefront of fighting for justice.