Shuck and Jive

Monday, September 01, 2008

Presbys in the News

First Presby, and co-chair of our peacemaking committee, Gary Barrigar, was on 910 am WJCW this morning promoting the Fall Naturalist Rally at Roan Mountain! Great job, Gary! Here is the podcast! You can hear it on quicktime.

Of course, I couldn't stay out of the way of the cameras, so I promoted Michael Dowd and the Jesus Seminar on Channel 5 at noon today. You need realplayer. I start at 27:30 just after the food guy.


  1. Oh, "naturalist". Thought you said "naturist".

    I thought, wow. I'm not the only Presby who's ever been naked on Roan Mt?

    Ahhh, what a beautiful place it is too. Not real good for the car's breaks coming down, but the view alone is worth the price of break pads.
    The boardwalk is one of the classic places to go and burn a joint. With good buds, that altitude and the view, it's truly a very special experience.

    Thank God for Gary Barrigar.

  2. Gary is a good man. He works really hard for the environment. Don't know if Gary has ever been naked on Roan Mtn. though...