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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Smarty Preachers

I am a team member for Presbyterian Bloggers. I made a post today that is something I stole from Lark. We preachers (me foremost among them) tend to use the pulpit (quite by accident of course) to show off how smart we think we are. You'll like this:

SAN BERNARDINO — Pastor John Rainey's sermons have become virtually unintelligible as he constantly references Greek and Hebrew definitions, say parishioners at Oak Creek Presbyterian. On a recent Sunday, only 20 percent of Rainey's sermon was in English.

"We were scratching our heads the whole time," says one member. "I thought I understood the passage before, but when he got done explaining it, I was lost."

During the sermon, Rainey read a passage from Obadiah and said, "The word used for 'provision' is the Greek 'kupkos', or 'chabed' in the Hebrew, meaning 'oikenatilus' or literally 'havet am rabed alshallai.' The original tells us, 'Kepkus oikenate dunamis rikesa,' a fascinating word construction, meaning not just once but continually, or, 'Akinitus kre dormitaron,' which corresponds to, 'Shevet ahim gamyahad.' If I may put it this way, 'Gelli toheron basmat evit yarna, khom harde dir shalom ette ramen novar chemyon.' Amen?" (Read More)


  1. Ai Caramba,

    Seria melhor aprender Chines. Pelo menos assim, na China vao te entender. Mas esse cara, ninguem vai entender.

    I think he just fried his brain. He thinks he's speaking Greek and Hebrew, but it's jibirish just the same.

  2. Boy! Get me his address. He sounds like a hoot at a party!

  3. That sounds like every graduate seminar I've ever been in.

  4. I followed the link. This story was on the sidebar. It is both morbid and funny.

  5. LOL! Morbid and funny is a good description.

  6. I believe on Sunday, I'll just speak in tongues and hope someone has the interpretation!!!

    Ah, and this was a Presbyterian.