Shuck and Jive

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Jesus Seminar (No Rapture!)

Jesus must have been playing a trick on me, his secretary. Neither Milton nor Hal were raptured this weekend at the Jesus Seminar on the Road in Elizabethton. Good thing too. Their presentations were well-received. We had over 75 folks participate.

Cool stuff. A more detailed report to come!


  1. John, the ladies I came with to the seminar and I talked all the way back to Roanoke (well, we are women after all). We had a fabulous time at the seminar. The speakers were so enlightening, and your congregation was very welcoming and got all A's in hospitality. What a weekend! Tomorrow I drive from Roanoke back to Memphis, and I'll have lots to reflect on.

    Really glad no one was raptured before he finished speaking.

  2. Cyndi!

    Thanks for the comment and thanks for attending the JSOR! It was great to have you gals with us!

  3. No Rapture. That's just depressing.

    So there I was, had my back pack with all my stuff in it, my travel coffee mug, paid up the bills, rolled a couple of joints for the trip.....

    Even paid the kid that mows the lawn two weeks in advance.

    But for reason or reasons unknown, I was still not Raptured. This is about the eighth or ninth time now I think. Clearly we're going to have to be better Christians because as usual, each and every one of us was Left Behind.

    There must be a lesson here somewhere. I'm just suffering too much from Rapture-lag to think about it.