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Monday, September 15, 2008

Response to Ike

April DeConick who teaches at Rice University in Houston and blogs at Forbidden Gospels is back on-line after the hurricane. Her report is of great devastation--more than the media has described. Check her latest post, After Ike in Houston:
The Bolivar peninsula communities have been wiped out. Literally there is one house left standing among miles of flooded rumble. Reports that are seeping out of Galveston are bad. 20,000 people did not evacuate but stayed in their homes, and so far only 2000 survivors have been recovered.
Check Presbyterian Disaster Assistance reports on the relief effort and how you can help. Here is a report and pictures posted today from volunteer PDA national team member, Harvey Howell:
First Presbyterian Church, San Antonio, is one in a network of congregations partnering with BCFS in the San Antonio area sheltering evacuees.Congregation members offer more than a building and lights. They are showing Christ's love to families escaping from the devastation left by Ike.

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