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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Welcoming All Different Kinds of White People

Oh, this is just too good. The Dr. alerted us to these vlogs to help you get to know Sarah Palin.

You'll find more at Sara Benincasa's blog. Sara is a comedian from New York. She is uploading videos faster than you can have kids on YouTube. But she does North Dakota well. Do Alaskans speak North Dakotan? Anyway these are a riot. Here she is preparing herself for her big speech at the RNC:


  1. You know, these vlogs are hilarious - they are also about as "politically correct" as my dad was. He was fond of such phrases as "useless as a 3-titted billy-goat", but I digress.

  2. I have a serious crush on Ms. Benincasa now. Thanks for the shout out.