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Monday, September 15, 2008

Freeway Blogger Strikes Again

From the Freeway Blogger:
Over the last four years I've put over 4,000 signs against the war on the freeways of California and the western United States.

Because when you put a sign up next to a freeway, people will read it until somebody takes it down.
The Freeway Blogger is busy in California. S/he blogs about it on Tales of the Freeway Blogger.

There are many places longing for a creative person to place a peace sign.

On the blog you will find pics of signs along the freeways and cool quotes to go with the pics like,

"It is true that we are weak and sick and ugly and quarrelsome but if that is all we ever were, we would millenniums ago have disappeared from the face of the earth."

During September, the Freeway Blogger is on a peace tour of the West Coast.

The Freeway Blogger invites you to join in the effort, take pics of peace and post peace!! You can send pics to freewayblogger at yahoo dot com.


  1. I remember at our Creating a Culture of Peace workshop that many - MANY - people in the group felt this type of activity was the same as violence, simply because it is against the law in so many places.
    Not only do I find it creative but a thoroughly NON-violent approach to the violence that is done in our name daily.

  2. Here is how he or she responded to that on the blog:

    "Like the flags that went up on overpasses after September 11th, political banners are entirely legal and constitutionally protected speech. So long as they're non-commercial, safely posted political messages, it's not just your right to put up signs, it's your right to put up as many of them as you want, as big as you want, and your right to use public property to do it. At least that's my theory."

  3. I understand that it is legal in TN to hold banners and signs on overpasses, but not to hang them.

    In general, though, my comment was about the mindset of folks and what they think of as "proper".

    I don't question the legality of this type of protest - I even approve of creative graffiti in certain circumstances (I wish I could remember the great graffiti on a Hummer billboard in DC a couple years back). I think it is a great form of civil disobedience - and a non-violent (though illegal) vent for one's spleen.

  4. " it legal?"


    Who cares?

    Right is right and wrong is wrong. Peace and protest is right and preventing it is wrong. What's "right" overcomes what's "legal".
    At least, that's what Jesus taught me.

    If it's illegal to hang a sign promoting peace in your community, disregard that law and do it anyway.

    If it was against the law to breathe, would we?