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Friday, September 12, 2008

Michael Dowd on Arise to Truth

On Monday night, Josh Day, of the Stony Creek Church of Christ in Elizabethton came to see Michael Dowd at First Presbyterian. What a nice guy. Josh is a young earth creationist and he and Wesley Simons host a radio program called Arise to Truth. Josh invited Michael to be on the radio program. For an hour a young earth creationist and an evolutionary theist discussed these issues.

Michael Dowd
at one time was a young earth creationist. He argued for it fiercely. He took a 180 degree turn. So Michael understands the worldview of creationists.
On Tuesday Michael told us that the radio interview was an incredible experience. The hosts were gracious, curious, and civil. The radio interview was on Tuesday, September 9th. Listen to the podcast. I tip my hat to Josh for coming to see Michael at our church and for hosting him on his radio show. He has class.

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