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Thursday, September 18, 2008

I Am Going to Vote for Palin (just for the youtubes)

Sarah gets possessed by Satan then talks to Jesus.

All is well.


  1. Whew, you scared me for a minnute there. I thought to myself, "If he votes for Palin now, he might do something really crazy and vote for Ron Paul next."

  2. If you were really going to vote for Palin, that would be breaking news in the blogoshere and I would recommend that you be committed to the nearest psychiatric facility for evaluation and treatment. ;-)

  3. No psychiatric evaluation necessary, I don't think. The election of Palin would be a nightmare for the world but a comedian's dream.

  4. Um, yeah, eight years of that was PLENTY.

  5. Exactly, Fly. The sole beneficiaries of the last 8 years are billionaires and comedians.

    I think both should have to work harder.

  6. I predict that McCain will still replace Palin with a different running mate before the election.

    It is madness to put this lady within a heart beat of the White House. And McCain knows it. He only picked her for the effect it had in changing the subject of the campaign. A bold and risky fighter pilot move to regain the initiative. But it cost him a lot of altitude and he will run out of air before the actual election if he doesn't do something substantial.

    In order to win he will have to find a way to replace her.

    Stay tuned. This is the greatest dog fight since the Battle of Great Briton.

  7. You may be right, Jodie. I wonder who he'll pick to replace her? Are there term limits for VPs? If not, I fear Cheney will pick himself again.

  8. There are lots of other women much more qualified. Some are even Republican.