Shuck and Jive

Sunday, November 02, 2008

In Honor of Stan

One of our beloved members finished his race this past week. We will celebrate his life this coming Saturday. Stan Irwin directed the choir for over twenty years, served on session for I don't how many terms, and never hid his light under a bushel.

He was the anchor for our liturgical string band. Here he is at his post on the washtub bass.

Peace be with you, my friend.


  1. Rest in peace Stan and rise in glory!
    May the angels speed him to paradise... no doubt they already have.

    (some one of these days you and i will have to discuss how the kingdom is actually now and this whole heaven as another place and time thing does more harm than good... signed, yours in theology xox)

  2. It was such an honor to have the Liturgical String Band, grounded by Stan, at my side when I sang back in August. His bass - both the washtub and that deep, deep voice of his, were such a delight.

  3. What a fine, fine man.
    Truly a gentle, caring man.