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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Twitter of Faith

Adam at pomomusings has started something interesting. Actually, I guess Shawn started it. Seminarians looking for their first call worry themselves senseless over designing a statement of faith to be pored over by their presbyteries of call. These statements are tricky. You can't just copy the Apostle's Creed but you can't be too creative either.

The worrywarts of the presbytery check to make sure you include all the stuff that is important to them. By my tone, you can imagine I find the process tedious.

These statements of faith are supposed to be one page (or so). Every time you seek a new call you update it. Here is my latest.

The new game that Shawn and Adam have started is Twitter of Faith.

You have to make your statement in 140 characters or less (the space allowed by one Twitter comment).

I think that should be the rule for new statements of faith. If you can't say it in 140 characters, you are way too into words.

Here is my Twitter of Faith:

I trust in a free mind, the surprise of mystery, love, and good tunes.

You can read others here. If you want to know how to post yours and get on the Twitter Train, Adam has a ticket.

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