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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Sarah Graciously Accepts the Loss

Here is the final Sarah Palin vlog by Sara Benincasa.

Have we heard the last...or will Sarah be back?


  1. Heh,

    Now if Sara would graciously go Polar Bear hunting with a pocket knife I'll forgive her for being a clueless witch.

    She said she was "praying" for a win. So either she prayed for Obama to win, or God thinks she's an idiot.

    We'll have to help Alaskans get rid of her in two years. She's bad for my ulcer.

  2. Thank you so much for posting throughout the election. Christians like you make me think I could maybe be a Christian someday. :)

  3. Captain, I am pretty sure we haven't heard the last of Sarah P.

    Sara! Thanks for the comment and thanks for the great videos. I have enjoyed your other work as well! No need to become a Christian. If we all could just become human. (sigh)

  4. John, what are you thinkin? Do you think this video portrays Palin as "human," someone God loves??

    What hyprocrites the radical progressives are? Yes, I really am very angry, and offended right now. Rare for me. And, disappointed in you, too.

    It's one thing to strongly disagree with McCain/Palin, and vote otherwise. That's fine.

    There are good people out there from every side of the political spectrum.

    Can't you see that people who produce these kind of videos are full of hatred, and contempt, maybe mentally unbalanced? (I would be seeing them in my office.)

    How could you praise, and encourage something like this?

    Sara, if you're still reading. I'm certain this is bound to sound judgemental, and offensive to you, but I'm sincere about it.

    You're in my prayers. God have mercy!

    My last post, John.

  5. I have finally offended you enough to leave. Good riddance.

  6. But, not nearly enough, John, to ever stop praying, and hoping that at last, and finally God will bring you back to your senses.

    And, well before the proverbial "chickens come home to roost," too. The church needs you, and that's no lie.

    Defintely enough from me, as I"m sure you agree.

    Lord have mercy! (Proverbs 27:6)

  7. Uh, it's comedy.

    I don't think we're full of hatred. I think we use humor and art to express our opposition to individuals who we feel would willingly take away rights that we think should be universal (i.e., the right to choose whether or not to bear a child) as well as individuals who seem woefully unfit for the offices they seek. We poke holes in their carefully-crafted, wholly manufactured images and exaggerate in order to lampoon and to laugh.

    As for our being mentally unbalanced, the jury's out on that one.

  8. Thanks, Sara. Most of us get it and are glad you do it!