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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nuns With Guns

The economy may be in a slump. Cheer up. Gun sales are booming!

On the front page of today's Johnson City Press we find this happy man. Here is the story:

Area gun sales soar since Obama win

KINGSPORT — Some locals have joined the throngs of those nationwide stocking up on guns and ammo, fearful that President-elect Barack Obama will impose stiffer firearms regulations.

In the past week firearms sales have tripled at Stone Drive’s M&M Sporting Goods, while The Gun Rack on John B. Dennis Highway is now sold out of assault rifles.

Bill Helton, of The Gun Rack, has been trying to reorder assault rifles from his national distributor. None are available.

“You can look back through our rack right now, and everything we had starting Saturday morning went out of here by Saturday evening,” Miller said, adding 30 were sold that day alone.

“Our assault rifle business has really been great....”

....But some are wondering if the surge is more than a reaction to fears of tighter gun laws.
Ben Agger, a sociology and humanities professor at the University of Texas...provides another explanation for increased firearms sales.

“Part of me worries this is an expression of the need for people who disagree with Obama to arm themselves because they entertain the thought that there could be armed conflict or possibly race war,” Agger said. (Read more)

You liberal bed-wetters shouldn't get all alarmed. Look who we have on our side.


  1. Ah, yes. The nuns are with guns because they fear Obama will say "none with guns". Ha!

  2. I wonder what it will take for humans to move beyond this paranoid machismo?