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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

No Action? No way.

Rev. Chris Joiner of First Presbyterian in Franklin, Tennessee, wrote a thoughtful and well-reasoned response on Witherspoon to Barbara Wheeler's "no action" recommendation regarding the vote to amend G-6.0106b.

Chris quotes from Martin Luther King's Letter from a Birmingham Jail and

Our LGBT friends certainly deserve a little better. I guess for me that is the crux. I have a gay brother who long ago made his own rather quiet exodus from the church. His exodus, and the thousands like him over the years, begs to be noted in this debate.
That is the bottom line.

As far as not voting?

Voting is not inherently divisive, and the fact that it is being construed as such is troubling. Voting is not the problem. How we choose to engage one another before and after the vote is the problem. Choosing not to vote is choosing, in essence, to ignore the real problem.
Well done, sir. You would make a fine blogger. Hint, hint.

Doug at Witherspoon invites others to comment on this. So far two preachers from Tennessee (not the bluest state on the planet) have responded.

Whatch'all up to? Let's do this.

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